Lyrik's Institution 2021 Gala

Lyrik's Institution's Summer in the City is not just any summer program, you don't believe us, come see for yourself. We have taken teens from all across the city through a 6-week behavior modification-based program and then allowed them to intern with some of the leading creative arts programs in the city. They have had the chance to intern at the Kansas City Art Institute, Digital Marketing with Evolving Digital Marketing, and Recording Engineering with Grammy Nominated Jo Blaq with The Distrkct. Now, we are turning the GEM Theater into a creative art gallery, where these amazing young adults will have a chance to show off their creative genius. That's not all, we are having our first ever graduation! Come out to hear live testimonials, view videos, and pictures from this amazing summer, and hear from special guest speakers from influencers in our community. Registration is easy, just a couple of clicks, and you're done. Tap the link and we'll see you there.

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