Lyrik's Institution is a cognitive based program that allows its students to master in the Creative Arts of their choice. Lyrik's understands the power of the culture and sees that it is influential enough to reinforce the cognitive behavior therapy strategy, and that tools require an environment that encourages and fosters them in order to succeed. It is with these strategies that the Lyrik's Institution rises and  stands above the rest.

We believe Life is poetry in motion. We're here to help when you're writing those lyrics.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to reduce crime and violence by targeting destructive thinking errors and reworking them into productive behaviors.


Our Objective

Unlike other programs, the Lyrik's Institution curriculum attacks the root of criminal thinking and thinking errors: the thoughts that manifest them. Jesus Christ teaches that a man must be changed from the inside out. Our program agrees and enlists this teaching. As the saying goes, changing the mind thus changes the man/ woman.

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